Traveling South East Asia

Since I was always into the video after I finished my semester abroad in South Korea, I have decided to travel and film everything I experience. It was kinda my experiment whether or not I would like to do vlogging on regular basis. I ended up uploading 19 videos on YouTube from my travels through Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia.

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Questions w/ Shopify Interns

I’ve filmed 5 episodes of interviews with Shopify Interns during summer 2016 ranging from designers to software engineers so everyone can find themselves in their stories, get inspired and motivated and apply for an internship in some cool companies such as Shopify!

Ice Bucket Challenge

In the time when the Ice Bucket Challenge was popular I got inspired by a man offering the water to random people in some poor country. I wanted to see how people will react in my country.

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SPSE High School Promotional Film

High school of Electrical Engineering is considered as a best high school in Slovakia for many years. As a CEO of students' company at time of my studies at this high school I was in charge to create video showing all aspects of studying there.

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At the age of 20 I had an opportunity to go for a journey around the world. I think, I was inspired to travel by members of my family who used to travel or work abroad for a bit. Now I am glad that I can afford to travel spending my own money.

Visited countries: 44

Journey around the world #1: Czech Republic -> Canada -> USA -> Bahamas -> USA -> Canada -> USA -> South Korea -> Taiwan -> Philippines -> Singapore -> Malaysia -> Hungary -> Czech Republic

Journey around the world #2: Slovakia -> Poland -> United Arab Emirates (Dubai) -> China (Hong Kong) -> Vietnam -> Cambodia -> China (Hong Kong) -> Philippines -> China (Hong Kong) -> Thailand -> Laos -> Thailand -> Indonesia -> China (Hong Kong) -> Argentina -> Uruguay -> Argentina -> Czech Republic -> Slovakia

My Flight Radar Profile.


Cambodia, China (Hong Kong, Macau), Indonesia (Bali, Nusa Penida, Gili T), Israel, Jordan, Laos, Malaysia, Palestine, Philippines, Qatar (Doha), Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE (Dubai), Vietnam.


Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France (Paris), Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom,

North America

Bahamas, Canada (Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal), USA (Florida, Hawaii, NYC, SF).

South America

Argentina, Chile (surroundings of San Pedro de Atacama), Uruguay.

I do not list countries where I have seen only a fraction of the country (E.g. Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls, City of Malmö in Sweden).


Wunder Kids Pictures

I was wondering how to present my photography for a long time until I came up with an idea to put together really young & talented photographers together and founded this label where you can buy our prints and make walls of your home more beautiful.

Hair Tie Story

I kissed a girl and after that, I had to leave her for 4 months. She gave me her hair tie and I captured spectacular moments with that hair tie on my wrist during my journey around the world until I came back to her. The story hit the front page of Imgur with over 170k views.

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Wire Clothing

Founder / Advisor

During my studies I founded merchandise for my former high school. School liked my design so much that they made clothes for every student & teacher at school. Now, I asked younger peers to take care of it and proceeded to role of an advisor.

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Ombre Clothing

Former model

Ombre clothing asked to me shoot a new lookbook for their newest collection in an exchange for all their products. Interesting story behind is that I have designed my friend's photography portfolio for free and the he paid me off by shooting that lookbook with me.

Some of the photos on my Instagram.


Ballroom dancing

I was really fortunate when the instructor from social dance classes came to me during the break and asked me if I want to level it up. Saying yes to a lot of opportunities I started to dance with my wonderful dance partner Karolina who alrady had had 10 year of experience. We were crushing competitions together for a year and half and I fell in love with this sport!

List of attended competitions

Basketball (tournament)

This sport was in my heart for really long time. Everyday on the court outside and inside playing for my school team. Best memories, best friends, best moments. Can not forget. I have decided to give something back to my community and organized Christmas Basketball Tournament.

Photos from tournament