I am driven by improving things around me.

Take Me as an Intern

Jun 2016 — Oct 2016

During the 4 months gap between graduating high school and starting of university I wanted to be an intern so I made one-page site describing my skills and how can I contribute to the business. The site made it as #1 on YC Hacker News. Had over 30k visitors in one night and get huge media attention all around the world. Brought me over 150 emails and secured job in Hawaii and later on an internship in Canada.

Host Me in California


High-quality education abroad has been my aim for a long time, which is why I came up with hostmeinca.com when I was 16yo. In short time, this website became #1 on Y Combinator Hacker News. I got 30k visitors in one night, media attention all around the world and was even invited to talk at TEDx. Despite this success, I have not managed to secure sufficient funding to study & host family in California.


Jun 2016 — Oct 2016

Led team of 3 people and developed the project for the collection, visualization, and management of electric consumption for my former high school.

School Mobile App


Designed a concept of mobile app for my former high school while I was studying there. App should allow students to check substitutions, timetable, school email, flash news, cafeteria options...

Dribbble Meetups

2015 — 2016

I have put together team of 10 people and organised 2 dribbble meetups attended by more than 300 people altogether!

School Web Site


Took inicative and managed a redesign of 15-year-old website for my former high school that is according to the rankings one of the best high schools in the country.



Came up with an idea to create an app using PHP to make uploading and downloading exam results much easier and efective for students as well as teachers.

DNS Discover Service


As a part of an university team project I connected with company seeking solution for their DNS. I wrote an app to manage the DNS records in the database. Built REST API that runs on Spring framework as Java EE application with Angular.js frontend.